L’influence de la Lune prouvée scientifiquement

Titre: How the Moon rules your life

  • Date: 21 Janvier 2007 
  • Source: The Independent 


Depuis toujours le folklore attribue a la Lune une influence sur l’humanite, souvent nefaste. Il semblerait que les scientifiques ont enfin la preuve statistique qu’un lien “negatif” existe bel et bien entre le cycle lunaire et le comportement humain. Digg!

Un extrait:

  • “While scientists have been trying to prove for some time that the Moon does exert an effect, what has not been established is why. Scientists have until now examined the theory that the Moon triggers changes through its gravitational pull. But the latest research points to an effect on people’s hormones. “The lunar cycle has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation and birth rate. Other events associated with human behaviour, such as traffic accidents, crimes, and suicides, appeared to be influenced by the lunar cycle,” said Dr Michael Zimecki of the Polish Academy of Sciences.”

En complement:


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