La quête secrète d’Himmler pour retrouver le Saint Graal

Titre: Revealed: Himmler’s secret quest to locate the ‘Aryan Holy Grail’

  • Date: 06 Fevrier 2007 
  • Source: The Independent


Selon un nouveau livre, Himmler, le chef nazi des SS, aurait commande pendant la guerre une mission secrete dans une abbaye en Espagne, l’abbaye de Montserrata pres de Barcelone, a la recherche du Saint Graal. Digg!

Extraits de l’article:

  • “According to The Desecrated Abbey, by Montserrat Rico Góngora, the Reichsführer-SS thought if he could lay claim to the Holy Grail it would help Germany win the war and give him supernatural powers.”
  • “Himmler came to Montserrat inspired by Richard Wagner’s opera Parsifal, which mentions the Holy Grail could be in kept in “the marvellous castle of Montsalvat in the Pyrenees. It was widely believed in Nazi circles that this castle was Montserrat, a belief strengthened by the fact the first performance of the opera was held at the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona in 1913. Others have said it was Montségur in France.”

 Le livre en question:


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